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Spoon Rest Aluminum Puck

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This aluminum puck is 2.625" across at the widest area and 3.375" long and is used with a swing-away flat press to decorate the item 984 sublimation spoon rest. The metal portion of the puck is 0.60" thick with a 0.125" thick silicon rubber sheet for a total thickness of 0.725". Pre-heat the puck in the press and then handle with gloves. When decorating the spoon rest, use heat tape to hold the transfer in the center of the rest, cover with a blank piece of paper and then place the puck (silicon rubber side down) on the center of the rest. Press at 400 degrees for 8 to 15 minutes. The time depends on how powerful your heat press is, as the heat has to travel through the aluminum puck to the transfer and spoon rest. If your image is too light, you likely need to press at a longer time, and if the image browns then you have pressed too long.

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