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Porcelain Painting - Hommage by Di Curtin

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Di Curtain is the president of the Australasian porcelain artists and has taught seminars in Switzerland, Germany, Singapore, New Zealand and Australia. Di has been painting for 34 years and has a unique painting style and perspective. Her new book features the materials and techniques you'll need to paint her modern designs. She loves to mix media and also has instructions on incorporating glass into her painted porcelain pieces.
Her subject matter is also unusual, with a definite Australian and Asian flare. She has beautiful designs for animals such as roosters, tree frogs, kangaroos, ostriches and birds. She also features unusual flowers and more importantly a dramatic new style of incorporating and adapting them to the porcelain shapes she selects. Her designs tend to be very modern and her subject matter very different from traditional china painting books. This 96 page hardcover book is filled with beautiful photos and designs.

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