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Porcelain Painting - Exotica by Melanie Foster

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Porcelain Painting - Exotica by Melanie Foster is an amazing book by an amazing artist. Melanie Foster trained for 14 years in the Fustenberg factory where she supervised other artists and learned how to convey her techniques to others. Melanie's seminars in Europe are very popular and her painting is incredible. This book features mostly animals in a photorealistic style and step by step instruction.
Melanie features sections on painting eyes and fur and this translates to whatever animals you wish to paint. She had beautiful paintings of exotic animals such as peacocks, ostriches as well as more mainstream species such as leopards, tigers, elephants and giraffes. Her section on sea creatures is fantastic and she demonstrates seahorses, seals, and sea turtles.
Expand your horizons and your skills with the help of Melanie's beautiful new "Exotica".

Hardbound, its 95 pages and is filled with beautiful color studies. Printed in Germany.

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