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Flower Fantasy - by Melanie Foster

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Flower Fantasy - by Melanie Foster is an amazing book by an amazing artist. Melanie Foster trained for 14 years in the Fustenberg factory where she supervised other artists and learned how to convey her techniques to others. Melanie's seminars in Europe are very popular and her painting is incredible. Packed full of visual instructions, such as shading, brush strokes, and brush types, this wonderful book will inspire you to paint each and every technique and flower - such as carnations, tulips, irises, orchids, lotuses, and dragon flowers, as well as animals and birds.

Porcelain Painting - FlowerFantasy
Author: Melanie Foster
Number of Pages: 96
Illustrations: 72 color, 15 black and white
Languages: English, German, French
ISBN: 978-3-938532-14-0
Year of Publication: 2015

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