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Copy Cal Paper for Ceramics

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Maryland China Company and SUBLIMATION NATION are proud to bring you COPY-CAL waterslide decal paper. COPY-CAL transfers should be printed using a color laser printer with regular laser toner, and the transfers can be applied directly to ceramic--no special coating is required!


1. Place paper in color photocopier or color laser printer so that the color image will be printed on the top of the shiny side of the decal paper. Placing the paper in the by-pass tray works best because the paper path is the straightest. If available, we also suggest you set your paper setting on your copier or printer to "thick" from "plain paper" to pull more color toner onto the Copy-Cal. If this option is not available, Copy-Cal will still work great.
2. After printing, cut the decal to proper size.
3. Place china ware to be decorated in hot water (115-125 degrees F) for a few minutes. Leave the surface wet so the decal will be easy to manipulate.
4. Place decal paper in lukewarm water (85-95 degrees F) for 3 seconds. Place on table for 45-60 seconds, until decal uncurls.
5. Slide decal onto china ware and gently work out all water and air bubbles using a paper towel or squeegee. Work from the center toward the edges. The decal may "bubble" if all the air and water are not removed before heating.
6. Allow china to dry for at least 4 hours. Bubbling may also occur if the decal is not allowed to dry sufficiently.
7. Heat in preheated oven at 350 degrees F for 15 minutes. Thicker chinaware pieces such as stoneware may require additional heating time. If clear areas turn slightly brown, it is an indication that the heat was too high. Since each oven is slightly different, it may take a few tries to find the ideal temperature setting for your particular oven.
8. Cool and wipe with water to clean off any excess decal adhesive.

**Laser copier must have a fuser that uses WAX BASED TONER and does NOT USE FUSER OIL for lubrication**

COPY-CAL must be ordered in quantities of at least 10 sheets 11" x 17" Item not eligible for any product or freight discounts.

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