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3.75" Oval Sublimation Ornament

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This porcelain ornament is sublimation coated on both sides with Lustracoat™ and measures 3 3/4" wide and 2 5/16" tall and includes a gold string for hanging. These ornaments can be decorated on the front and back and are made of fine porcelain (compared to heavier and chunkier pieces made of ceramic).

Like fine dinnerware, porcelain has a higher perceived value among consumers. Porcelain is also a whiter material, so your image will "pop" on its bright white background, and the decreased weight means the ornament will display better on a tree without weighing down the branches.

Decorate our ornaments with a swing away flat press at 400 degrees F using a thick silicone rubber heat pad. Press times vary from 6 to 12 minutes depending on the press and pad used. Always use a pad between the heat plate of the press and the ornaments to prevent breakage and to achieve a full coverage decoration. Please note the temperature and pressing time can vary depending on your flat press and may need to be adjusted accordingly.

Please order in multiples of 12 pieces.

  • inventory quantity: 7192
  • case pack: 288
  • case weight: 34.0 lbs
  • inner case qty: 12