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Kiln Vent for FX1814 and FTX911M kilns

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Kiln Vent for FX1814 and FTX911M kilns

Product Description

This kiln vent will make your firing process much more efficient, consistent and pleasant. The KV 1 vent measures 12 1/4" across and 9" high and is designed for small and medium sized kilns. The kiln vent is very easy to install under your kiln and will greatly improve the results of your firings. The vent will remove gases from the kiln chamber and assures a constant flow of fresh air into the chamber. The fresh air will yield much better firings with precious metals and gold bearing colors and will make the temperature within the firing chamber much more consistent. In addition, it will vent out any kiln odors so that you can locate your kiln within the living space of your home. Firing will be a much more pleasant process and your results will be vastly improved.
The KV 1 is made of very durable stainless steel, includes the ventilation ducts, and full instructions for easy installation. The KV1 requires 115v and a "dryer" vent nearby the kiln. Made in the USA.

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