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Custom Decorating

Have you seen one of our items that would look even better with your logo or custom design on it? We have a custom decorating department on site that can help you with your project. Let us aid you in enhancing our products with decorations that fit your needs. We have several decorating options depending upon the pieces you select, how they will be used, your artwork and the quantities that you require. We will discuss your project and then suggest  the best decorating process for you. Our decorating methods include high fire ceramic decal decorations, low temperature Copy Cal decorations, inorganic low temperature decorations, sublimation, and various methods of personalization.

We are very familiar with current FDA, CPSC and many state safety and health standards and will help you comply with the applicable regulations.

The Process

To request a quote, please send an email to [email protected] answering as much of the below information as possible:

  • your contact information
  • our item # (s) - if you don't know specific item #'s, please provide as much information about the size and style of the item you are looking to decorate
  • your artwork (ideally as a vector file: .ai, .eps or vectorized .pdf)
  • artwork placement details (center, rim, all over, one sided vs. two sided, etc.)
  • desired quantities
  • whether the item is decorative or for food-use
  • whether this is a one-time project or you anticipate needing to reorder the decorated item
  • your timeframe

Artwork should be “camera ready” in a scaleable format.  Vector based art (.ai or .eps files) is best.  High resolution (at least 300 dpi) raster art (.psd, .tif, .jpg, or .gif files) may also be acceptable. CMYK color is preferable.

Reasonable art charges may be necessary for files that are not “camera ready” and require manipulation. We will provide a quote based on the item you have chosen and the artwork you have submitted.

Decorating costs are based on two main components: the cost of printing transfers and the application and firing of the transfers.

For more information, view our YouTube video:

Screen Printed Decals

Porcelain and ceramic items are decorated with specially made transfers that have inorganic ceramic pigments that bond permanently to the glazed surfaces when kiln fired at high temperatures. All of the decals for your project are printed at once and the higher the quantity, the less expensive the cost per piece. The printing cost for decals is also dependent on the number of colors and the size of the design. To avoid the higher costs of small decal print runs, we often recommend printing more decals than your initial order requires if there is a chance you will need more at a later date.  Metallics can be screen printed.  Vector art is best for screen printing.  

Dinnerware Video

Digital Decals

This decal printing process is ideal for small runs and for artwork with many colors that aren't easily separated, as required for screen printing.  These decals are lead-free, microwave and dishwasher safe, and permanent.  The decals fire with a matte finish.  Color matching of reds, pinks, and purples can be a challenge.  Metallics cannot be printed digitally.

The Cost of Decorating

Ceramic decals must be hand applied to each item and then fired in the kiln to between 1350 and 1500 degrees F. The complexity of the decoration, the number of decals per piece and the size of the item determine the decorating cost.

Sublimation Decoration

Sublimation is a process that allows for full color decorations in small quantities. Pieces must generally be flat or cylindrical in shape due to the requirements to apply heat and pressure to the transfers during the decoration process. Sublimation items have a special polymer coating.  Sublimation may be a good option for certain projects such as mugs, ornaments, tiles, and plates. Sublimation decorations are dishwasher safe but have a poly resin coating that could scratched by a sharp object such as a knife or fork. They are generally best used for decorative purposes.

Copy Cal Decoration

Copy Cal allows small quantity full color decorations and is suited for decorative items. It is NOT dishwasher safe but can be hand washed. Copy Cal is best used for non-food service items such as ornaments, vases, trinket boxes, plaques, decorative plates, cookie jars, etc. Copy Cal is also excellent for proofing designs before printing traditional ceramic transfers.

Copy Cal Decorating  

Inorganic Low Temperature Decorations

Decorations can be printed using low temperature organic pigments that are heavy metal free. They are suitable for decorative and children’s items but the decorations are not as durable as kiln fired decorations. Printing costs are similar to ceramic transfers and are based on the number of colors in your design, the size of the design and the quantity.

Examples of Custom Decoration Projects

  • Custom dinnerware
  • Commemorative and collectible plates
  • Teapots, cups and saucers and tea accessories
  • Mugs
  • Trophies and awards
  • Wedding favors
  • Souvenirs and keepsakes
  • Ad specialty and promotional products
  • Memorial products
  • Christmas ornaments

If you have any questions or if you have a custom decorating project you would like to discuss, please call us at (800) 638 3880.